Kublai K2 M4A1 Gel Blaster

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Introducing the Kublai K2 MK18 Gel Blaster... Just like the K1 Kublai, the K2 MK18 is one of the most robust gel blasters in the market.

Some of the features include a V2 kublai style gearbox, metal trigger/fire select/mag release & charging handle, 480 long neck motor, high quality nylon & a functional fire select. We will have more on the specs real soon!

The kublai mK2 Mk18 currently has limited stock - so if you are after one I would not wait around for long! 


  • V2 Style Gearbox made by Kublai
  • Metal Trigger
  • Metal Fire Select with Single, Semi & Full Auto
  • Metal Mag Release
  • Metal Spring Retainer
  • Magazine (Gen 8 Magazine also work in the Kublai M4)
  • Metal Buffer Tube bolted into Receiver & Retainer
  • 480 Long Neck Motor
  • High Quality Nylon Gearbox Housing 
  • Nylon Body

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